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    Bruce Gandy records many tunes for teaching his popular online sessions, for private students, workshops, and many just for listening himself. These tunes are all played on the pipes, and reflect Bruce's ideas about how to handle these tunes. Apart from all the learning opportunities, there is a lot of enjoyable music here for piobaireachd enthusiasts.

    Piobaireachd Lessons

    Bruce has a number of complete piobaireachd lessons recorded, and these will be added soon. You can purchase them here, but the link to the files will be provided to you directly by Bruce, because they are too large to download here. [coming soon]

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Downloadable Items

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Name File Size Price Select Previews
A Flame of Wrath 6.92 MB $4.00
Castle Menzies 9.44 MB $4.00
Castle of Duneveg 11.14 MB $4.00
Hector MacLean's Warning 8.13 MB $4.00
I Am Proud to Play a Pipe 9.34 MB $4.00
Macdonalds Are Simple 8.75 MB $4.00
The Earl of Seaforth's Salute 14.63 MB $4.00
The Piper's Warning to His Master 11.59 MB $4.00
The Rout of the MacPhees 10.69 MB $4.00

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