Front Row Seat

Front Row Seat

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This CD of five piobaireachds was recorded live at various competitions, with proceeds going towards the Bagpiping Development Society, a not-for-profit venture organized with a core objective "to promote and enhance bagpipe music through educational funding and partnership."

The tunes are "The Battle of Waternish" (Bar to Canadian Gold Medal 2009), "The Big Spree" (Bar to Canadian Gold Medal 2010), "Lord Lovat's Lament" (Glenfiddich 2009), "The Rout of Glen Fruin" (Northern Meeting 2002) and "The Unjust Incarceration" (2009 Bratach Gorm).
"It is a rare treat to have a CD of piobaireachd only, and of such fine tunes so well played at that. To have the actual prize winning performances gives it an extra edge, and anybody with more than a passing interest in the great music would be unwise not to have it."
Dr. Jack Taylor, in his review for pipes/drums.


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  • Front Row Seat

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