Tune Commissions

Bruce will compose a tune for your special occasion

tune500 300This gift is perfect for:

  • A Wedding Present
  • A Birthday Present
  • A Anniversary Present
  • A Christmas Present
  • In Memory of...
  • In Honor of...

How better could you personalize a gift than to put someone's name on a tune written by one of the world’s most renown bagpipe music composers?

Wouldn’t it be great to remember a great event that happened in your life by having a bagpipe tune named after it. For example, the name of your house or village where you grew up.

It would be a great gift for your pipe major or better yet, name a tune for your own pipe band to play

It would also be a great wedding present that the piper at wedding could play for the ceremony.

A very small percentage of people in the world have original compositions named for them or have had tunes commissioned for them. This is mostly due to not knowing how to go about it unless they arrange a composing competition which can cost more than $1000.00

Here’s your chance to put your name on a piece of music that can be played for years to come by all who wish to.

The composer, Bruce Gandy, is a past winner of three major composing contests, and a runner up in the prestigious Pipe Tune for the People’s Princess Competition which was held in memory of Princess Diana.

Bruce Gandy’s tunes have been played by individuals and premier pipe bands around the world and can be found in many collections of music as well as his four volumes of Contemporary and Traditional Tunes for the Highland Bagpipe.

Each tune comes with an original, hand written copy of their tune signed by the composer and a cassette tape of the tune being played.



All original compositions are screened by notable players to ensure their quality.

The tune name must be acceptable by the composer and within good taste as this tune may be published.

The Composer retains all copyright and publishing rights.



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