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gandy chanter3The Gandy Chanter

Bruce has been working on projects for many years with McCallum Bagpipes, and in 2017 launched his own version of the McCallum solo chanter. The "Gandy" model of the chanter is available in both poly and African blackwood. It provides a smooth sound, with a fantastic piobaireachd High G, and a very comfortable fit on the hands. 

The chanter has been used by both Bruce and Alex Gandy to win top prizes in Scotland and North America, and an ever-expanding list of players in all grades. As well, the poly version has been used by several pipe bands, including the Grade 1 78th Highlanders, Halifax Citadel.


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McCallum Bagpipes

Bruce will consult with anyone who would like more information about McCallum Bagpipes or chanters, or who would like assistance choosing the right model and set-up of McCallum pipes, including the Duncan MacRae model pipes.

McCallum Bagpipes have a wide variety of models and price ranges, and come with a 10-year guarantee against cracks and other defects. Having the bagpipe set up and fitted to the piper is important, so be sure to take advantage of Bruce's expertise in this area.

Gandy Model Goatskin Pipe Bag

Lee & Sons Bagpipes have made a special Gandy Model of their goatskin pipe bag. The bag is cut to Bruce's specifications for decreasing the presuure on the top hand, and like all the L&S bags, they are comfortable to play and super airtight.  The goatskin bag is an excellent choice for quality of sound, durability and is relatively maintenance free.

Pipe Chanter Reeds

One of the skills of a top player is understanding reeds. Bruce works with seletc reedmakers to get the best reeds for himself and his students, and he can do the same for you and your pipe band.

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